Air Purification
Air purification mechanism
HYDROTECT removes nitrogen oxides (NOx) contained in exhaust fumes and smoke discharged by plants and vehicles that adhere to the exterior walls of buildings, and purifies the air.

Air purification effect
(In the case of ECO-EX, the photocatalyst coating TOTO HYDROTECT Color Coat for exterior walls)
Air purification effect
[Source and basis of calculations]
* The test values obtained pursuant to JIS R 1701-1 have been converted to the NO² absorption volume of green land and the NOx emissions produced by vehicles in our company.

1) Surface area per house calculated in accordance with Single House Model, a standard workbook for housing, published by the Architectural Institute of Japan.
2) Calculated based on the NOx absorption capability of green land (lawns and fields) being 4.4 mg/m² per day, pursuant to the Manual on Planting for Cleaner Air (revised edition) published by the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency.
The area of a hard tennis court is based on the dimensions of 23.77m × 10.97 m (approx. 260 m²).
3) Calculated based on NOx emissions of 362.2 mg per day when a DBA gasoline powered passenger vehicle with an emission coefficient of 0.0125 drives 29.0km, the average daily driving distance of private cars.

References for the passenger cars, vehicle types, models and emission coefficients were obtained from Emission Coefficients, a reference guide for preparation programs related to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, the Road Transport Bureau's Automobile Usage Management Plan and Regular Report, which are published under the Act Concerning Special Measures for the Total Emission Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides and Particulate Matter from Automobiles in Specified Areas. The average daily driving distance of private cars was calculated based on the average annual driving distance of private cars (10,575km) provided in the 2004 Basic Survey on Automobile Inspections, Check-ups and Maintenance published by the Road Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
This page refers to basic information of HYDROTECT mechanism and performance. Performance data on this page are valid only for paint and ceramic tile products manufactured by TOTO LTD.Thus, such data are for reference only and are subject to change upon the substrate and its coating process and structure.
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