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Handling of Personal Information
TOTO Ltd. and the TOTO Group Companies ("the Company," hereafter) comply with laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal information and regard the protection of personal information to be a fundamental part of business activities and a social responsibility. Personal information refers to any information through which an individual can be identified, such as a name, address, telephone number or email address. This privacy policy describes the handling of personal information obtained from customers through the website.
Purpose of Use of Personal Information
1. Personal information of Customers
The Company clearly indicates the purpose of use for the personal information of its customers and will only use personal information within the scope of the purpose of use:
To provide information on products (including catalogs), services and plans to customers;
To conduct surveys associated with the development of products and the improvement of service such as surveys about the usage of products and services and satisfaction surveys;
To provide periodic information by means of email newsletters, pamphlets, direct mail and so on;
To contact customers in the event of an emergency;
To respond to queries, feedback or requests from customers.
Personal Information Safety Measures
To ensure that the personal information of customers is managed and maintained in a secure manner, the Company implements comprehensive and suitable safety measures to protect personal information against unauthorized external access, loss, damage, destruction, alteration, leakage, unauthorized external disclosure and other risks. In addition, the Company appoints personal information protection managers in each department dealing with personal information and endeavors to properly manage personal information. The Company has also established internal regulations on safety management and conducts employee training on the protection of personal information.
Provision to Third Parties
The Company will not disclose or provide any personal information to a third party whatsoever, except in the following cases:
When a customer has given consent;
When the information is disclosed in a way in which it is not possible to identify the customer individually;
When the handling of the information is entrusted to an external contractor for reasons such as to enable smooth operations (In such cases, the Company selects contractors with substantial levels of protection and implements suitable management by requiring the establishment of contracts to prevent leakage or secondary provision, and by other means.);
When, under consent of the customer, quotations, plans or product drawings are provided to business partners of the Company in association with the purchase or installation of Company products;
When required to provide information by laws and regulations;
When it is necessary to protect human life, health or property, and it is difficult to obtain the consent of the customer;
When necessary to cooperate with a state organ, a local government or an individual entrusted by either of the former two in executing the affairs prescribed by laws and regulations and in which obtaining the consent of the customer is likely to impede the execution of the affairs concerned.
Sharing of Personal Information between TOTO Group Companies
Personal information obtained through the website is shared internally at the Company (TOTO Ltd. and TOTO Group Companies).
Handling of the Personal Information of Minors
The Company seeks to protect the personal information of minors to the utmost extent, as it does with the personal information of adults. Please ensure that the personal information of a minor is only provided with the consent of a parental guardian.
Website Usage
Please be aware that when a customer voluntarily discloses personal information through a message board, chat or otherwise, that information may be collected and used by other users. Therefore, customers are asked to transmit information under their own responsibility and exercise due caution in its handling. In addition, third party websites accessible through the website and companies who collect data through services, prize campaigns, sales promotional activities and the like have rules concerning the privacy of individuals and data collection regulations established independently of the Company. Therefore, the Company assumes no duty or responsibility whatsoever regarding the provision of personal information to these companies or websites that takes place on the part of customers themselves.
Cookies are pieces of data which a website provider writes to the terminal (personal computer, etc.) being used by a visitor through their web browser. Information such as that which identifies a visitor and information on the webpages visited can be stored in a cookie, and this information can be used to customize webpages for each visitor, analyze the number of pages visited and so on. Cookies are used by many websites. Some browsers allow users to configure their settings to reject cookies, and some include the function to display cookies before acceptance or rejection. For details, please direct inquiries to the provider of your web browser.
The Company may use cookies in the following cases:
- When reviewing the content of the website to ensure greater satisfaction or when providing customized services tailored to individual customers;
- When analyzing which services customers are interested in and when used for the effective delivery of advertising on the site.
Changes to the Privacy Policy
The contents of the privacy policy may be reviewed and improved as needed.
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