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This website is operated and maintained by TOTO Ltd. ("TOTO," hereafter) or its agents. Before using this website, please read the following terms of use and only use the website if you agree to these terms. In the event that separate terms of use are established for individual content within the website, please only use such content after carefully reading and agreeing to the respective terms of use. This website also contains links to other websites operated by TOTO and its affiliates. Please note that when using those websites, it will also be necessary to agree to the terms of use stated therein.
For the purpose of these terms of use, "content" shall refer to all content (including but not limited to all documents, promotional phrases, logos, trademarks, business names, designs, photographs, illustrations, charts, drawings, footage, moving images, still images, music, audio, software, computer programs, databases and data) posted on the TOTO website.
Scope of Availability
The content provided on this website may be viewed on your computer or printed out for your personal use. Please note that some content cannot be printed out.
The downloadable content provided on this website may only be downloaded to and used on your computer. In addition, when individual terms of use are included in content, please comply with the individual terms of use.
Use of the content provided on this website or other associated acts (including but not limited to all duplication, alteration, analysis, uploading, posting, transmission, distribution, transfer, loaning, licensing, sales, publication, export, or sales activities and other profit-oriented use) beyond the scope of personal use and the scope otherwise specifically allowed by law is prohibited, unless permitted in advance and in writing by TOTO.
Prohibited Conduct
The following acts are prohibited when using this website.
Conduct which infringes or potentially infringes upon the property or privacy of a third party or TOTO;
Conduct which causes or potentially causes disadvantage or damage to a third party or TOTO;
Conduct offensive to public order and morals, and conduct which is potentially such;
Criminal behavior or conduct leading to criminal behavior, and conduct which is potentially such;
Conduct involving false declarations or notifications, such as registering the email address of another person;
Sales activities or profit-oriented conduct, or conduct to prepare for such;
Conduct which tarnishes the reputation or credit of a third party or TOTO;
Conduct which involves or potentially involves the use or provision of a harmful program such as a computer virus;
Any other conduct which violates or potentially violates statutes, laws and regulations or ordinances;
Any other conduct TOTO deems inappropriate.
Links to this Website
When you wish to link to this website, please contact TOTO at this address in advance. TOTO will respond after confirming the details of your message. However, even if there is no response from TOTO, please note that this does not imply that TOTO has granted permission for the link concerned.
Please set the link destination to the top page of this website (http://www.hydrotect.com). TOTO does not permit links to intermediate pages on the website, due to the possibility of broken links and other issues.
Please refer to the website correctly in textual form as "HYDROTECT," "HYDROTECT Global Website" or "HYDROTECT.com." Also note that TOTO does not permit the representation of its logo or other trademarks.
When placing a link, please set one of the company name descriptions described in item (3) above as the text for the link.
The links described below are not permitted under any circumstances. - Links from websites containing content that libels or tarnishes the credit of TOTO or its affiliates, or their officers, employees, products or services;
- Links from websites that post illegal content (including content that is potentially illegal) or which are involved or may be involved in illegal activities (including potentially illegal activities);
- Links using frame functions or other forms of links that obscure the fact that content is owned by TOTO or serve to mislead audiences to think that all or part of the content is that of the third party concerned and not of TOTO;
- Any other links TOTO deems inappropriate.
If, for any reason whatsoever, you are unable or unwilling to comply with the terms of use described herein, please cease linking to the website immediately.
Linked Websites
The content of third party websites other than those operated by TOTO to which TOTO links or which link to this website (collectively "linked websites," hereafter) are maintained under the responsibility of the third party concerned and are not under the control of TOTO. Please use linked websites in accordance with the terms of use stated by the respective linked websites.
TOTO assumes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of linked websites, nor for any damages arising from the use of such websites.
In addition, even if another site links to this website, this shall not be construed as an endorsement by TOTO of the usage of the website or of the products, services or companies described therein, nor does this indicate any association between TOTO and the linked website or any other special relationship.
Personal Information
For information on how we handle the personal information of our customers, please see our privacy policy.
Trademarks and Copyright, etc.
As a general rule, the names, trademarks, logos, service marks and so on described on the website (collectively "trademarks," hereafter) are owned by TOTO and its affiliates, or are used under license. In addition, the trademarks of respective companies are also present in the company names and product names of third parties described on the website.
The information described on the website is subject to the protections of the Copyright Act, as well as various conventions and other laws. Except when permission has been explicitly granted, the use (duplication, alteration, uploading, posting, transmission, distribution, sale, etc.) of the information on this website beyond the scope of personal use for non-commercial purposes and the scope otherwise specifically allowed by law constitutes copyright infringement or other illegal conduct as stipulated in the Copyright Act and other laws.
The website also provides various data to be downloaded by users as a service. However, this does not imply that TOTO transfers the rights associated with the downloads in question, nor that any rights whatsoever are granted based on the copyrights, patent rights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights of TOTO or a third party.
Unless granted permission in advance and in writing by TOTO or a licensor (when TOTO lists information after being granted a license to do so), or unless usage is clearly permitted in these terms of use, the unauthorized use of the trademarks or other content described on the website is strictly prohibited.
Product and Technical Information
The product and technical information listed on the website is subject to revision or modification without notice.
The colors and textures of products viewed on the website may differ slightly from the actual colors and textures of products.
For decorative or presentation purposes, things such as small articles, equipment and backgrounds not included with the products or technologies concerned may be displayed in some product photos, illustrations, images and other content included on the website.
Ideas and Other Proposals
TOTO is sometimes contacted by users wishing to introduce new products, technologies, designs and manufacturing methods, conduct advertising or marketing, or provide ideas, notes, drawings, concepts and other proposals concerning product names and so on (collectively "proposals," hereafter). However, TOTO is regularly engaged in independent research, development and other activities, and there is a possibility that ideas TOTO has independently conceived of but not yet announced may happen to closely resemble such proposals. Further, this might also result in misunderstandings or disputes between TOTO and such users.
To avoid potential trouble of this nature in the future, please understand the following points.
On specific websites, TOTO may solicit ideas, etc. from users or allow messages to be posted on a message board as a forum for the free exchange of information. In such cases, the handling of the ideas received, content posted or other such information will be undertaken according to the application guidelines, posting etiquette and other conditions established on those websites.
Apart from the cases described in item (1) above, TOTO shall not accept proposals from users on the website. As a general rule, when making a proposal please do so in writing. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Please understand in advance that any proposals received will be treated as though they have been sent upon agreeing to the following terms:
- TOTO has no obligation to treat the proposal as confidential;
- TOTO has no obligation to study, evaluate or adopt the proposal;
- Even if TOTO happens to adopt any proposal identical or similar in whole or in part to the proposal, TOTO has no responsibility whatsoever, including the payment of compensation, with respect to the submitter of the proposal.
Limitation of Liability
While TOTO makes every effort to exercise care when posting information on the website, TOTO makes no warranties of any kind, whether stated or implied, as to the accuracy, utility, reliability or safety of the content of such information (including that functioning will not be interrupted, that no errors will occur, that flaws will be corrected, that the website or its servers will not contain computer viruses or other harmful things) or its appropriateness for any purpose on the part of the user. In addition, TOTO assumes no responsibility for any damages arising from your using or being unable to use this information or any damages associated with the use of the website.
Please understand in advance that TOTO may change the information on the website without notice, or may suspend or discontinue operation of the website. Also note that whatever the reason, TOTO assumes no responsibility for any damages arising from its modifying information or from its suspending or discontinuing operation of the website.
About These Terms of Use
The terms of use for the website are subject to change by TOTO. As modified terms of use take effect from the point they are posted to the website, please check the terms of use from time to time. Even for modified versions of the terms of use, by using the website you are regarded as having agreed to the terms of use.
Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction
The use of this website, and the interpretation and application of these terms of use shall be governed by the laws of Japan unless otherwise expressly provided. All disputes relating to the use of this website shall be submitted to the Tokyo District Court in Tokyo, Japan as the Court of first instance, unless otherwise expressly provided.
Please direct any questions concerning these terms of use to inquiries.
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